I am David Nagrosst, Founder of ZOOMLINK. ZOOMLINK is a focused, fast and proactive human-powered lead generation and automation service provider for B2B focused on Telecom, Cyber Security, Data Centre, and Software Development industries.

In my career, I have seen some sales cycles take years, but were large and highly profitable. Everyone knows that large complex deals don’t happen over the phone, via email, or web ads but through relationships. Those relationships need to start from somewhere.  What we have uniquely identified are techniques to start relationships, using a human approach, and are not scripted. We customize our approach with each contact, learn about them, understand their needs and building rapport.

ZOOMLINK was created by industry experts and aims to solve B2B lead generation problems with scientific psychological approaches, which will bring your business a competitive Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Our team brings you global experience from the United States, Asia, and Europe. I have more than 20-years experience in IT and sales leadership and have understood the challenges technology businesses face with attracting prospective customers due to the complexity of the products and services which typically have long sales cycles.

Our approach uses advanced targeting, two-way relationship building, industry knowledge, and an expertly trained outsourced staff, keeping our costs and your costs low, yielding a higher ROI.

We open the doors for your field sales to do what they do best, closing business! I hope you will value ZOOMLINK as a business partner by reading through our mission, values, and attractive service offerings.

Yours Sincerely,

David Nagrosst