David Nagrosst, Founder

David has held various executive roles and responsibilities from startups to Fortune 150 companies, most recently CenturyLink.  He has over 20 years’ experience selling complex solutions to large enterprise customers globally. His background has helped him build a team that’s diverse, highly-competent and understands the importance of forging real B2B relationships and the scientific approach behind it.


Lili Liu, Co-founder

Lili has 10 years’ experience in e-commerce, payments, cyber security and worked at High-tech companies e.g. PayPal, Alibaba, ASUS before she completed her full-time MBA at Manchester Business School in 2018. She lived and worked in Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Manchester, Sydney, Hangzhou, and Singapore. 

Gregory Trenski

Gregory Trenski, VP of Sales NA

Greg is a visionary leader and accomplished change-agent, working in information technology, cloud, hybrid IT and telecommunications service industry for more than 20 years.  Greg holds a MBA from Florida Atlantic University and a BA from the University of Florida. 

Raffy Gutierrez

Rafael Gutierrez, Business Development

Raffy’s passion for technology started as a teenager with the Atari way back 1984.  He has worked as a Sales Manager, IT Consultant and Technology Trainer for some of the biggest names in technology such as HP, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple and Hyundai. When he is not wearing his technology hat, Raffy is a catalyst for change in the multi dimensional landscape of social media, advocating  thought provoking reforms for cultural and social transformation.  

Ginnie Le

Ginnie Le, Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Specialist with previous marketing experience in hi-tech start-up, B2C and B2B corporations. Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. An avid fan of customer- and data-obsessed tech companies such as Hubspot, Google and Facebook.