Our Approach

After 20 years of business development experience, we realize that personalization and authenticity are often underappreciated when it comes to B2B high-tech scene. However, to our observation, authentic interaction and valuable knowledge sharing can never go out of style to delight high-level executive prospects.

By incorporating this philosophy with some of the world’s most ubiquitous and customer-centric email marketing platforms, we believe we can re-engineer these factors to help you take a step further in influencing potential leads to ensure higher conversion rates, positive brand image, and make your unique business stand out of the crowd and succeed.

How It Works

Discovery Phase

Having a clear and well-defined goal is a vital step to steer our marketing efforts in the right directions. By goal-setting, relevant and critical benchmarks/ KPIs should also be measurable, and specific so that stakeholders can validate markets, prospects, and marketing resources spent.

This getting-to-know-you process will require a deep dive into your previous campaigns and analytic boards as well. All of this can help us iterate messages and tactics that have been proven successful in the past, at which time, for which cohorts and to avoid emails that did not mean that delivering as anticipated.

Initial one-on-one consultation with our Email Marketing Experts will help planning your first campaign at Zoomlink. In general, we use different tactics and try to creatively employ multiple psychological, semantic, visual approaches and apply continuous A/ B Testing to confirm results that align with your business objective. Some test-and-tried email marketing campaigns for B2B tech industries are listed below for your reference. In case you wish to learn more about any of these campaigns, we’d be happy to hear from you. Contact us at business@zoomlink.io.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Audience List Building and Segmentation can begin anywhere; from on-site subscribing boxes to white papers, knowledge sharing, or informative SlideShare content. Also, at ZOOMLINK, personalization is not about names or generic personas, and it’s about relevant content that truly resonates with client’s pain points and giving them ease (at times, pleasure) to absorb what we have to say. More than anything, we aware that each of the subscribers is a real person, and we’re here to delight them.

Educational drip campaigns help businesses boost up to a 98% conversion rate for warm leads, according to Courtney Eckerle. Besides, have automated emails kicked in when your prospects trigger actions and give your marketers peace of mind to spend more time dealing with strategic and innovative marketing ideas are two significant advantages of this campaign.

Triggers can be varied and customized depending on the nature of your business, be it a whitepaper download, a demo request, newsletter subscription. Each of the prospects’ reaction at the different time of the day and different types of content offered will also be analyzed to nudge them further to the conversion pathway at the most time- and cost-effective.

A soup-to-nuts marketing campaign that covers your prospect journey based on their buying intent, since prospects behave and tune in for different content at different stages, a full-funnel strategy can give you advantageous flexibility to adapt to their needs, be it the Awareness, Engagement, Purchase, Retention/ Loyalty, Growth, or Advocacy stage – we’ve got your back.

For educating customers, research suggested that interactive content is 23% more powerful than static content (93% versus 70%).

Thanks to our industry expert expertise and the simple drag-and-drop platforms, your content can look and sound more interesting.  It is more likely that customers engage in your product.

Most effective campaigns: quizzes, calculators, assessments, and polls

The Measure, Automate, Tweak and Repeat

Our Team will configure reports on Conversion Trackings and Analytics to your stakeholders, complementing with conceptualization of client’s journeys and suggested next steps.

More importantly, as we have collected quite a lot of data at this stage, our gurus will automate and tweak campaigns for better ROI while increasing overall efficacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

ZOOMLINK is unique and cost-effective (2.25X). We do this with 1) our industries of strength experience, 2) science-backed approach and 3) nudge engine process 

Absolutely. Every business has to start somewhere sometime, and we’re thrilled you consider us as a right partner, to begin. Please contact us at business@zoomlink.io to learn more about how we help you and your client verticals.

It is three months. We understand that B2B relationship building takes time and we don’t want our clients to waste time and financial resources only to abandon it at the last minute. However, if you need customization relating to the nature of your business, please contact us at business@zoomlink.io.

It depends on your package. At Zoomlink, we encourage clients to opt for bi-weekly reports.

Contact us now at business@zoomlink.io. Talk soon.