Our Approach

Customers can be impatient, especially when they’re interested in and curious about your products or services. At ZOOMLINK, we provide attentive and proactive chat agents, an instant solution for your B2B businesses.


A Live Chat Representative assists visitors in answering general product knowledge, billing questions and level-1 tech support. This position can also help you to capture client’s attention, needs proactively, and enhance client-relationships while nurturing them further down the sale funnel. Even, our agent can seamlessly walk visitors through websites, provide them with the information they need and conduct meaningful and real conversations.

How It Works

Discovery Phase

We spend time to get to know about you, your business verticals and expectations of our agents.

An informative guideline will be put together for this step. We make efforts in interpreting mostly all of the industry jargons into clear and straightforward words. At times, this knowledge base will be updated and maintained in sync with your new product lines, the billing process,  reselling or NDA policy.

Training Phase

Our agents are probably enthusiasts of Zoomlink’s science-backed approach already. However, to put that into use in various industries and businesses, industry experts and thorough training sessions should also take place to optimize messages and approaches before agents go live.

Client Serving

Speediness, accuracy, and WOW are the three crucial factors that will gain the trust and reliability of potential customers. Our agents are well-trained to respond to numerous focused questions with such characteristics.

Speediness: Respond quickly to create a first positive impression.

Accuracy: We promise to provide correct answers to your client’s problems. Suppose there is something that is out of our knowledge scope, we make sure to consult your team and follow-up with your customers later after verifying answers.

WOW: At Zoomlink, customer service doesn’t end at giving answers to clients, but it is to go an extra mile to amaze busy executives with our thoughtful and mindful actions and words. In this intersection, we embrace client’s needs, your brand, and marketing strategy to deliver it.


At this stage, when hot leads become our customers, questions are being answered, it’s time we delivered reports and worked with multiple departments to investigate problems and solutions further.


One of our account managers will also work closely with you throughout the process to make sure we meet your customer service initiatives and business objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

ZOOMLINK is unique and cost-effective (2.25X). We do this with 1) our industries of strength experience, 2) science-backed approach and 3) nudge engine process 

Hot Lead is a prospect who shows interest in the solutions you are offering. He/ she needs it, has a budget for it and probably is going to make a purchase.

3 months. We understand that B2B relationship building takes time and we don’t want our clients to waste time and financial resources only to abandon it at the last minute.

However, if you need customization relating to the nature of your business, please contact us at business@zoomlink.io.

It depends on your choice of package (from 1 to 5+ representatives)

Hi, if this is the case, our agent will gently acknowledge the problems, then inform customers to wait before further notice. Meanwhile, we contact the relevant team in your organization to get the answer for it. This process should only take less than 24 hours.

4 – 7 days at most

Depends on your package. At Zoomlink, we encourage clients to opt for bi-weekly reports.

Contact us now at business@zoomlink.io. Talk soon.